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Koala Guys HELP Program

We started a shop to help give back. 100% of all profits will be donated, and we will make $0 from our shop. There’s no catch! If our shop makes $100 that month or $10,000 that month in profit, we will donate it to those in need. We even included a ton of stuff that you are already buying, like coffee mugs and cups for your home and work, so if you’re already buying these things, know that buying from us helps those in need while we make $0 from these purchases.

How To Apply?

Step 1.

Fill out the form below letting us know why you need financial help from The Koala Guys VIA video (examples: can't pay rent, hospital bills, student debt, etc). Please send a clip that is up to 30 seconds and no longer than 45 seconds. You can use your phone camera.

Step 2.

We will review all inquiries and donate to one or multiple people.

Step 3.

Winners will be announced during our Podcast episode once per month. We will share your video during the podcast. You will have 7 days to claim the donation by emailing after you are announced as the winner of the podcast episode. Why do we announce it via Podcast instead of emailing you back? This allows us to promote the cause to the thousands who watch our Podcast so that they can help the cause.


Your inquiry will carry over and you may win weeks after your entry so keep checking. We also may ask for proof before sending any donations.

Need Help?

Read all 3 steps above before submitting (a video is required).

Upload File

By submitting your video, you give us permission to share it with the public.

Thank you for submitting!

Free Stuff

We are giving away lots of value and free stuff.

All Winners

We started this program on April 1st, 2024, and will add all the winners to this page. Winners on this page are delayed. To find out if you're the winner, watch our Podcast. All winners are announced once per month during our Podcast, and you have seven days to claim your cash.

httpsvideo.wixstatic.comvideo6da0ba_1f3a52b5b9704c22bd0b1e564cd8088cfile 2024-04-03 at 8.15.51 AM.png

April 4, 2024 Winner: Timothy

$250 will be donated to Timothy to help him pay rent.

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